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At SBCL we CRE8 short and long term memorable branding for your business, products and services. Your brand conveys your reputation, your experiences and to the client or customer, their experience with you.

We CRE8 design elements that are tailor-made from logos and photographs to copyrighting and guidelines for using your brand identities.

We’ll let people know “Who you are”.


To establish your identity with your audience we’ll tap into your DNA (so to speak), what’s unique about you/your businesses, your history, quality of service, what will stick in people’s minds.

We want you to be remembered, convey that feeling that sets you apart, when people have a choice to make, why would they chose you/your brand in the blink of an eye.

Finding the right photographs, typography, getting CRE8ive is what we do, but behind this, the key to success of your brand is having a great story and conveying that quickly, efficiently and memorably to your audience.


Your Logo will most probably be that first impression your audience sees, a flag you fly so people know who or where you are. It’s the first point of branding contact you will have.

We will CRE8 a corporate logo or a product logo that can be proudly displayed on your building, on your work-wear, on all or specific products giving that lasting identity and first impression.


Your identity, your business identity is the visual look of your brand and its meaning to your employees. If your branding doesn’t looking good or convey the right message, there will be no buy-in to your brand.

The identity should make your employees proud, we’ll take care to find out what makes you (again your DNA) and CRE8 a logo that your audience in-house and outside want to be associated with.

If you need a mission statement, tagline so everyone knows who you are, what are your values we can help CRE8 this so that everyone’s “singing from…” you know the phrase…


To consistently deliver your brand across multiple mediums you need clear guidelines so that both internal and external entities understand the format and usage of your identity.

Without these your logo could be used anywhere, in part of full format, any colour, on obscure or in-appropriate products or placements.

Your brand and reputation can be tarnished in an instant, customers become confused and turn to your competitors.

We will CRE8 a concise set of instructions with enough information to ensure everyone in your organisation knows how to use your identity.


Anyone in your business could be tasked to write a series of words for products, services or business related communication. But there is a line between translating what you mean or need to say based on a person’s experience, writing style and qualifications and something your intended audience will actually read.

Writing is a specialist subject, whether website copy, flyers, brochures or an advert we’ll CRE8 the right tone that represents your brand and the message being delivered.


Standard photographs and images may be a direct representation of your business but they won’t necessarily convey the feeling, the exclusivity, reliability, pedigree or history that will differentiate.

At SBCL we’ll CRE8 that differentiation, the picture that conveys a thousand words, a standard image won’t do. We’ll consider your brand, your DNA, the current client, the medium for display to find that eye-catching, meaningful image that can help you win new business or deliver that internal message.

Image research, finding the right image by paging through tens of thousands of pictures or by arranging a custom photo shoot is what we do, it’s as important as the font, colours and copy.

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